Mar 4, 2016

Love to Hate Art Show

written by admin

We pre-gamed at the ‘Love To Hate’ art show to wrap up our New York Fashion week calendar. Luxury brands mixed with everyday items create the perfect juxtaposition to make us raise our brows in this very fun and beautifully curated show.


There were over 30 contributing artists including works by J-Stash, Jan Asciano, Razcal, Sakara Barnes, Mike B, Sam Myer and Mr. Flawless no name a few. Leather and fur covered boxing gloves and designer face masks we’re a highlight of the show.


We we’re ready to roll in these vintage LV skates paired with the perfect camo/rockstar ensemble.


Some of our favorite pieces were these LV ‘marked’ luggage pieces accompanied by a complimentary crowbar, for your every day travel needs.


Bright colors and big type took these jackets to the next level.


The gallery was riddled with pop culture references such as collages of The Notorious B.I.G. and Muhammad Ali.


Seeing red.


Even the ceilings we’re riding hard!


A few details of the smaller, yet just as impactful pieces throughout the gallery.


With fashion as the focal point, this show left us inspired by today’s pop-culture trends and how our popular fashion brands have build such strong reputations for themselves.